Eagle Flight 2017

To all Eagle Flight 2017 Scouts and Parents and to those considering registering;
For those new to the program this web site provides a great deal of information. The content is frequently updated but 2016 information works well for 2017.
All registrations and Merit Badge selections will occur through Tentaroo this year. We and the council HQ have to move towards more electronic means of managing our business. We know the process is different and sometimes may be broken. Using it will make it better over time and please accept my apologies for the inconvenience if one occurs.
Eagle Flight 2017 camp week is at Babcock-Hovey, July 2-8, 2017. We had a very successful camp week there this past summer. We are making plans for the week to be even more exciting with minor scheduling changes to take advantage of what Babcock-Hovey has to offer for recreation.
For those still learning about Eagle Flight please read the documents in the Information section.
We’ve kept the previous messages on this page showing how the program ran last few years. In short Eagle Flight is a multiple month program where we engage Scouts and Adult merit badge counselors to facilitate earning merit badges, especially Eagle Scout required merit badges, prior to camp week.
At camp the counselors wrap up the discussion, show, tell and other delivery requirements of the badge. At camp, we also educate the Scouts how to earn the Eagle Scout rank and the resources available to them. We keep the Scouts busy all day and evening and we have FUN.
Once a Scout registers a password is sent by email for the Merit Badge page on this site. The password opens the site to the worksheets for the badges offered by Eagle Flight. Last year’s merit badges are currently shown. Most but not all will be offered again. This year we MAY substitute more trade oriented merit badges like Plumbing for badges that are often available at regular camp.
Email is the preferred method of communication for all parties. Please be sure your email address is correct on the registration form. Please provide both Scout and Parent emails on the registration form to facilitate good communication to all parties.
I will post specific meeting information for registered and interested Scouts in December. Our first 90-day Merit Badge work meeting will be schedule in Rochester February 2017. A meeting in March 2017 will be held in Geneva. Dates and locations to follow. All meetings for Eagle Flight begin at 7:00 pm.
A general information meeting is scheduled for April 2017 but at that time completing the 90 – day merit badge requirements by camp week is unlikely. That is not a bad thing as Scouts can and often do follow-up with their Counselors during the summer by email or face to face to complete the badge by the Fall COA.
We have Scout / Parent / Counselor / Scoutmaster meetings May and June 2017 in Rochester in preparation for camp week. Merit Badge selections are due by the May meeting and the Merit Badge schedule is delivered at the June meeting.
Scouts are expected to be prepared when they come to camp but Scouts and Parents are NOT required to attend any meetings prior to camp. This is especially important for our out of council attendees. However; we expect a significant amount of interaction by email between the Merit Badge Counselor, Eagle Flight Scoutmaster and Scout before camp begins. This ensures the Scout is prepared for the Eagle Flight camp week. We also expect all the forms to be delivered to us by email if necessary at the appropriate times to coordinate scheduling etc.
When Scouts are properly prepared for camp week Parents can expect 8 or more badges to be completed. When they are not prepared, the Scouts will receive partials and can follow-up with their Merit Badge Cunselors at any time. Eagle Flight is always more than simply the camp week. It’s a process to facilitate Adult leadership with Scouts to help along their path to Eagle Scout.
Good luck and thanks for being part of Eagle Flight 2017.
Yves Robinson
Eagle Flight 2017 Director

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