To all Eagle Flight 2015 Scouts and Parents,

We had a great turn out for the April 7, 2015 meeting at the Robach Community Center. We discussed many things at that meeting.

The most important thing is to remember that this web site is your best resource. Most questions such as events dates, locations and times, all Merit Badge worksheets and all forms are found at this site.

Some of you have found issues with the Merit Badge worksheets on the site. This is a constant update process and updates were made tonight. That does not mean everything is perfect. We do not have any full time staff to ensure the best quality but its pretty darn good. Continue to let me know if there are any problems.

We’ve now entered a critical phase of the Eagle Flight process. Please select your Merit Badges and send me the forms scanned by email or by snail mail and as a last resort bring them to the next meeting, Tuesday May 5, 2015 at the Robach Community Center at 7:00 pm. Same place, same time, different date.

We need all your Merit Badge selections by the May 5, 2015 meeting. This is the last date for official delivery of the Merit Badge forms. After that meeting the staff builds the merit badge schedule for camp week. This is a critical difference between Eagle Flight and other summer camp programs. We try to accommodate the top 9 selections for Merit Badges and we build the schedule around the Scout selections. We do NOT build a schedule and then fill in Scouts and then close selections made by May 5. We have plenty of counselors available for the Eagle required Merit Badges. Therefore you MUST select your Eagle required merit badges within the Top 9 slots as we make these merit badges the highest priority.

After May 5, 2015 any merit badge selections for late registering Scouts are scheduled on what is available. If you know any Scouts still deciding whether or not to come to camp the answer is YES, there is space available and YES, get forms in by May 5, 2015. Even if they come later, we can accommodate all of their required Eagle merit badges and many of the elective merit badges.

Please select up to 14 Merit Badges. You may not get them all. Not all Merit Badges are created equal at Eagle Flight. Some only require 1 session to complete, some 2, a few have 3 sessions and one has 5 sessions. That means depending on what you select you may get all 14 or you may not.

Please fill in the diamonds on the Merit Badge form for all Merit Badges you have already earned. This is a common mistake. As we stated at the meeting, we HAVE to fill your merit badge session schedule with something and if we run out of options in your 14 we will fill it with other merit badges that have not already been completed.

Please note we’ve added the Insect Study Merit Badge to the option list.

Please note that the Welding Merit Badge requires an extra weekend activity (usually later in May or early June) at Arc and Flame with an additional cost of ~$25. At that location you will complete all the actual welding requirements. Counselor discussions are done at camp in 1 session. The Welding Merit Badge does have a limit due to the Arc and Flame facility. Sign up soon to reserve your slot.

From this point forward I know I cannot answer many emails as quickly as possible for general questions. If you do not get a quick response to your email that means the question is already answered on the FAQ page of the web site.

Good luck to all as we progress on completing the prerequisites for the Merit Badges. Remember the next meeting is FORM meeting and we need to collect all Merit Badge forms and want all the other forms as well. Copies of the Medical Form are preferred. Please keep the originals.

Last note: we do NOT process registration forms or payments at any of the Eagle Flight meetings. Please send all payments and registration materials to the Council office. We cannot take the responsibility for the final payments that are soon due at any of the meetings.

Yours in Scouting,

Yves Robinson
Eagle Flight 2015 Course Director

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