Prospective Eagle Flight 2015 Scouts,

Congratulations for finding the Eagle Flight web site. On this site you will find a history of letters to the Eagle Flight 2014 Scouts and Parents that checked their progress up through Eagle Flight camp week of 2014. Please read the letters below to get a good feel for what happens before Eagle Flight camp week and some valuable information.

Eagle Flight 2014 participation included 89 Scouts that attended camp with 55 Scout Adult volunteers that supported their effort. Over 700 Merit Badges were earned and with 700 partials delivered.

Most of the partials required Scouts to complete their 90-day requirements and report back to the counselor for completion or had requirements that needed home inspections and other activities that could not be done at camp. In many cases these partials were completed before the end of the summer and in time for the 2014 Fall Court of Awards.

The most attended Merit Badge sessions were Personal Management, Personal Fitness, Family Life, Communications, and Citizenship in the World, Nation and Community. Eagle Flight 2014 offered the Swimming and Life Saving merit badges for the first time and an additional 50 other merit badges (including very well liked Welding and Aviation merit badges). Eagle Flight offers at least one option for all the required Eagle Scout merit badges.

For Eagle Flight 2015 we are camping at Babcock-Hovey and will open enrollment to a total 108 Scouts. Each Scout will be assigned to one of six Troops. Each Troop is supervised by a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster and two Junior Assistant Scoutmasters. Scouts will register for merit badges that are offered during 4 merit badges sessions each day for a total of 20 sessions. Each session is 1 ½ hours long. Some badges require more than one session to complete. In all, Scouts receive 30 hours of merit badge activities during the camp week and more time is available on an as needed basis.

Please notice that the merit badge section of this web site is protected. Once Eagle Flight administrators receive confirmation of your registration you will receive a personal email with the password. This email confirms that Eagle Flight 2015 staff received all the correct information to reach out to you directly.

An information meeting is scheduled for January 2015 and our first 90 – day merit badge counselor meeting in February 2015. The first mandatory general meeting is scheduled in April 2015 for all Scouts and Parents reviewing policies and procedures. The exact date and location for the January 2015 meeting will be announced by December 2015 on this web site and hopefully on the Council Calendar.

I am looking forward to meeting you and servicing your Eagle Scout requirements and look forward to another great Eagle Flight 2015 experience.

Yves Robinson
Eagle Flight 2015 Course Director

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