June Letter


We are now just a few weeks away from Eagle Flight Camp.

All of you should now have your Eagle Flight merit badge schedules because you picked them up at our June 12, 2014 meeting or received them by email.

Some Scouts have open sessions in their schedule. During those times these Scouts are required to be at the NEST. The NEST is located at the Dining Hall. Merit badges may be offered that are not scheduled at other times. Scouts can also bring any partially completed Merit Badge blue cards and get counseling to help them complete those badges. Please bring all worksheets and blue card partials to Eagle Flight Camp and let’s see if we can help you finish those at camp. The NEST is also where Scouts go that need more time completing their prerequisites.

All Parents and Scouts must arrive at camp between noon and 1 PM on July 6, 2014. Remember we are at Camp Cutler this year. We’ve asked families to space themselves upon arrival with last names starting with A arriving at noon and those later in the alphabet arriving no later than 12:45.

Scouts should come prepared wearing their swim trunks. The swim test are the first order of business for Scouts after registration. During the swim test Parents are asked to bring the Scout’s gear and medications to their assigned Troop areas. All medications are given to the Scoutmaster. Parents should discuss the medication information with the Scoutmaster to avoid any confusion.

Please use the Massawepie check list and please be sure to bring a mess kit. Scouts are required to be in Class A uniforms for Flags at Breakfast and Diner. 2 Class B shirts are provided and must be worn during the merit badge sessions and during evening Eagle Flight Camp programs. Scouts may wear sporting gear during troop program time and troop challenges.

Please arrive by 10:00 am on July 12, 2014 for the closing program.

There is no lunch served on July 6 or July 12, 2014. So please come to camp well fed, diner is at 5:00 pm.

We are looking forward to a great Eagle Flight 2014 camp week, July 6 through July 12, 2014.


Yves Robinson
Eagle Flight 2014 Course Director

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