We had a great meeting tonight (April 3, 2014) for our 90 day merit badge counselors and we had many new Scouts and Parents show up for the General Session.

We’ve effectively closed registration today for Eagle Flight 2014. This is the first year we’ve closed registration prior to camp.

Some parents came to us tonight and have not yet formally registered. We expect them to deliver the registration form and deposit tomorrow at the Scout Shop. Scouts registering next week will be placed on a waiting list.

We have some comments and information based on questions that came to us tonight.

  1. All Scouts that want their 90 – day merit badges completed at Eagle Flight camp had to see their counselor tonight or must contact them before April 6, 2014. Those that need contact information please reply to this email and I will forward their email to you.
  2. Final Merit Badge selection forms and ALL OTHER FORMS must be given to us by the May 22, 2014 meeting. You can email us scanned and completed forms, see below.
  3. You must contact your Merit Badge Counselors for most Merit Badges between now and camp using the contact information on the forms from the web site where indicated. All contact can be done by email, including the 90 day badges.
  4. The May 22, 2014 is a mandatory meeting for all Scouts and Merit Badge Counselors. We know some can’t make it due to other commitments. Regardless this meeting is when the Scouts and Parents get access to all Merit Badge counselors for requirement assistance. All forms are due at this time.
  5. Meeting ahead of time with the Merit Badge Counselor is important. This is an example from the Sports Merit Badge Counselor. He expects to meet each Scout wanting that badge at either the May 22, 2014 meeting or the June 12, 2014 meeting. If they do not meet with him prior to camp he will not sign off on their badge. Again, they can contact him via email prior to camp instead of face to face.
  6. The June 12, 2014 meeting is another mandatory meeting where the Scouts receive their schedules. This is where the Scouts know what badges they are assigned for camp. The Merit Badge counselors will be there, again, to assist in requirement preparation for camp.
  7. The Scout Merit Badge selection form is available on the forms page at
  8. Provided as an example as to the impact Eagle Flight has on our Scouts and their families, an Eagle Flight 2013 alum and their parent visited us from Eden NY tonight to assess whether he should register as a Scout and asked whether he could come as a JASM. Come to Eagle Flight 2014 camp to hear the end of that story.
  9. Consider signing up for Aviation. There are prerequisites but they’re exciting. You won’t find many programs offering that badge. And the counselor used to work at NASA during the Apollo and Skylab days.

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